That Awkward Moment


…When you’re watching Doctor Who and there’s a Muslim woman on the show and she’s in a room with her greatest fear and you start yelling at the screen, “Please god don’t make her greatest fear be a Muslim man!

“Please don’t make it her father or brother or anyone in her family! You know how everyone else had these very general fears like clowns and ventriloquist dummies and weeping angels and high school? Let it be one of those. Spiders. Really big snakes. A long fall. Sharks that have learned to open doors.

“For the love of whatever the hell you people making Doctor Who think is holy anymore, just this once, Moffat, Whitby, anyone, don’t make this another opportunity to portray Muslim women as living in constant fear of the people they love and live with!”


And then, the other awkward moment. When you realize there’s no way in hell they’re going to let Rita going to survive to the fifth act.

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